Master students who have been obliged to take the course “EWF Iin order to compensate for insufficient knowledge of empirical methods to finish their Master’s degree and who are not able to follow “EWF I” as they do not speak German can attend the “crash course" in empirical economics. This course is regularly offered every winter term shortly before the regular lecture period begins. All Master students who are no native speakers of German can then write an exam in “EWF Iin English which is offered on the same date as the second sitting of the regular exam of “EWF I”. Students who cannot register for the exam using Flexnow can register by sending an email to until one week before the exam date.

Die Veranstaltung "EWF I" ("Empirische Wirtschaftsforschung I, Bachelor"), ist die grundlegende, einführende Veranstaltung in die empirische Wirtschaftsforschung.

Sie findet jedes Sommersemester statt. Ziel ist es, die Studierenden aufbauend auf den Grundlagenveransaltungen "Statistik I" und "Statistik II" mit den Methoden der empirischen Wirtschaftsforschung vertraut zu machen, die zugleich auch angewendet werden.

For further information please contact Prof. Dr. Mario Larch

Here you can find the old exams of the last years for

  • Empirical Economics I (EWF I)
  • Empirical Economics II (EWF II)
  • Empirical Economics III (AEE I / EWF III)