Lecture Data Analysis II (Modul Data Analytics)

ATTENTION: This is the e-Learning course for both the Process Management lecture (belonged to module INF 307 until winter term 2017/2018) and the Process Aware Information Systems lecture (module INF 328). The association of this lecture depends on the module manual version your study program is based on. Note that in the case of module INF 307 the exam is about TWO lectures that belong to this module. However, in the case of module INF 328 the oral exam is about this lecture only. 

Organizational issues: The attached PDF contains all general relevant organizational information. Additional information might be provided in the forum section throughout the semester. It is recommended to check this e-Learning course daily.

Communication: Please contact the instructors using the forum only. Most of your questions might be relevant for other students, too. 

Appointments: Please refer to the slide set "AboutTheLecture" for further information.

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