Short description:
Students will work with marketing experts from adidas on specific projects in the area of global sport marketing. This program enables students to get international hands-on experience on solving real business problems within the context of one of the worlds’ leading sports organizations.

20 students from Ohio University, 10 students from Nipissing University and 10 students from University of Bayreuth (B.Sc. Sport, Business & Law/ M.Sc. Sport, Business & Law).

Der Kurs Digital Entrepreneurship führt schrittweise durch den Prozess der Realisierung des eigenen Start-ups; von der Idee und Gründung – über den Markteintritt - bis hin zur Exitstrategie. Es werden theoretische Themen wie Rechtsformwahl, Finanzierung und Markenmanagement sowie praxisrelevante Bereiche wie die Erstellung von Pitch-Decks und Businessplänen bearbeitet und diskutiert. Der Kurs richtet sich an Studierende (Bachelor und Master) mit Unternehmergeist und Interesse am Entrepreneurship.

In today’s highly dynamic and interactive business environment, the role of service marketing is changing dramatically. Markets can no longer be managed and there is the need to collaborate with various actors (e.g. customers, partners and competitors) to create and sustain value. Further, the digital transformation, i.e. AI and robotics, connectivity and a new understanding of ownership fundamentally change social interactions.

The course focuses on the theory and practice of contemporary service marketing. It provides an introduction to marketing theory, and contemporary business practice. There is an emphasis on developing the critical thinking and analytical skills necessary to undertake postgraduate and applied management research, that bridges contemporary theoretical frameworks with phenomena of the digital age.