BA Teilgebiete 1.1, 1.2, 1.4, 1.5, Lehramt, MAIAS electives 

This survey course of lectures outlines the history of British literature from the time of Chaucer to the twenty first century, with a stress on major developments and core works. The focus will be on all genres of historical importance, in the main poetry, drama, fiction and film. General information on each period (cultural and political history, social and economic developments) will form a part of the lectures to provide a context for literary developments. Moreover, central theories of literary studies such as intertextuality, modernism, postmodernism, postcolonialism and transculturalism will be covered and applied to readings of the discussed texts. 

MAIAS C4, MAIAS elective, other MAs, BIGSAS, Bayreuth Graduate School
HS 2st, Mi 17-20, every other week

This seminar is designed for graduate students at the MA or PhD level.
This Research Seminar is designed for in-depth discussion concerning methodical and analytical approaches to Transcultural English Studies. Topics will revolve around participants’ research projects that deal with British and Anglophone literature, film, theatre and new media/internet.  We will read recently published core texts in the field of postcolonial studies, (trans)cultural studies, gender studies and digital studies. In doing so, the seminar offers a platform to discuss questions regarding the methodology and theory of student’s research projects. The seminar will be concluded by a blocked session that offers students a platform to present their readings of these theories as related to their own theses/term papers in a workshop-like atmosphere.

Diese Übung dient der Vorbereitung von Lehramtsstudierenden auf die Erste Staatsprüfung.

Überblickswissen ist zu festigen, Instrumentarien der literaturwissenschaftlichen Analyse sind zu vertiefen und der Umgang mit Klausurfragen ist zu erlernen. In jeder Sitzung werden wir zumindst eine alte Staatsexamensfrage bearbeiten und entsprechendes Grundwissen wird knapp wiederholt. Zu den Aufgaben der Studierenden gehört es, einen Vortrag zu einer dieser Staatsexamensfragen zu halten.

Probestaatsexamen können geschrieben werden.