The world around us is shaped by various patterns and regularities. Individuals have their interactive tendencies, be it cooperative or competitive. Every group has their own type of group norms. Even the queues forming in front of mensa look similar every day. While some of these norms and patterns obviously are beneficial or serve some purpose, others are not. Yet, we observe various types of patterns and norms, including the harmful ones, to be fairly persistent over time. But how can this be? Why do harmful patterns and norms not die out naturally? And why do Mensa queues always look similar, even though the people involved are different from day to day. These are the questions guiding this course. We want to look into some mechanisms that could underlie this apparent stability. To do so, we will dive into several formal frameworks such as evolutionary game theory. This seminar is partially targeted at people, who are still in need of the 4 point GdE II course. For this purpose, an exam will be offered. However, there is also the possiblity to obtain a 2LP or 6LP Schein (presentation resp. presetation plus essay) for P3.