This is the second course of the module C5 'Socio-Economic Responses to Global Change'.

We are in the midst of various complex and interrelated problems - e.g. climate change, the financial crisis and refugee emergency - that challenge the social sciences with new questions about the definition, scope and role of politics in organizing social transformation. Novel techno-scientific constellations reshaping what it means to be human in the 21. Century raise related, and equally important, ethical questions about the agency and responsibility of humans. The multiple scales and seeming intractability of current environmental crises has prompted a number of critiques of mainstream environmentalism and sustainability. Among others, the course's aims are to shine light on the complex socionature relations and to gain a critical understanding of the problems with mainstream environmentalism. We want to discuss how the neoliberal system is related to the current ecological crises and what sort of subjectivities and practices have been produced. Furthermore, this course wants to explore the role of philosophy/theory, media, art and activism to support, counteract, or perhaps even accelerate the various global environment crises.